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Here is why Pet Monitor 4G Tops the Industry

Oct 3, 2019RV PetSafetyRead time < 4 min

Our Pets are family, our Pets are friends, they bring happiness, they end sadness, in return, the only thing we can do is to keep them safe and care for them, no matter what.

The most important thing for your pet when you leave them alone is – monitoring their environment – Yes! This simple thing can save their life!

When you make the perfect choice to buy a Pet Temperature Monitor, there are different Pet Monitors, all with different features, specifications & price.


There are some critical features that differentiate the most reliable device from cheaper & less-effective models. And when it comes to your pet’s safety, you don’t want to neglect the most important details.


Reasons why RV PetSafety’s Temperature Monitor is the Best choice for your Pet’s Safety

RV PetSafety’s Temperature Monitor alerts you 24/7 through the different source to multiple users

You can’t always depend on a single source when it comes to the safety of your angel. It’s important to choose a device that will alert you through multiple platforms while you’re away from your Pets.

Temperature Monitor alerts-RV PetSafety

When the temperature goes unsafe, RV PetSafety Monitor alerts through Text message, Email alert and In-App Notification (iPhone, Android) additionally you can add up to 5 users to maximize your pet’s safety.

RV PetSafety’s Temperature Monitor comes with Verizon 4G – Bubye Wi-Fi

Most of the Pet Monitors available works only on Wi-Fi connection which is ineffective in when you travel or in a remote place. You cannot afford to select a device that’s dependent on Wi-Fi connection because Wi-Fi can be spotty at best and useless at worst while traveling.

Verizon 4G-RV PetSafety

Fortunately, RV PetSafety’s Temperature Monitor is powered by the country’s best cellular network Verizon 4G, which gives you the peace of mind that your Pet Monitor will never go offline or put your pet at risk.


RV PetSafety’s Temperature Monitor Alerts on both cold and hot temperatures

Either way, your pets are saved with Pet Monitor 4G, many of the pet monitors on the market measures either cold or hot temperatures, but not both. Depending on where you live & to which destination you travel, you may think about one over the other as a risk to your pet.

cold and hot temperatures-RV PetSafety

It’s equally important to keep your pet safe from both extreme temperatures. Your pet can suffer hypothermia or hyperthermia from both cold and hot temperatures. Your home or RV’s temperature can rise or fall faster than you think in case of a power failure. Be sure to choose a device that will keep your pet safe, no matter the condition. Pet Monitor 4G does this like a charm.


RV PetSafety’s Temperature Monitor is connected with a user-friendly Mobile App

Even though SMS and Email alerts are sufficient, we never compromise on your Pet’s safety so we provide an associated mobile app (iPhone & Android) which allows you to check your Pet’s environment temperature in your smartphone anywhere anytime. The mobile application also allows you to monitor up to four devices at the same time with a single login.

user-friendly Mobile App-RV PetSafety

This feature allows you to place the monitors in multiple locations – your Home/Car/Boat & RV, each monitor can be named differently based on your Pet’s name or location and you can even include each of your pet’s photos on the app.

RV PetSafety’s Temperature Monitor a reliable, long-lasting battery

long-lasting battery-RV PetSafety

The Pet Monitor 4G has a long-lasting battery life and is rechargeable, which enables the device to monitor for several days without any power source. It also features a low battery alert and an “on battery” alert to let you know if there is a power loss in your RV/CAR. This helps you plan for the better safety of your pets before you leave them alone.

Activate Your Pet’s Safety

Pet Monitor 4G Premium & Pet Monitor 4G Lite

Unlike other competitors, we have two different models 4G Premium & 4G Lite which lets you choose based on your needs & budget.

table-device-RV PetSafety

 For More Information about the RV PetSafety’s Temperature Monitor visit our site @

~~~ Happy Pet Monitoring ~~~


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