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Why Nimble’s N5 Pet Temperature Monitor Stands Above the Competition

Jun 2, 2018KrishnaRead time < 4 min

If you’ve been shopping for a pet temperature monitor, you’ve probably seen several different types, all with different features. While the goal of using any of these devices is the same, not all pet temperature monitors are created equally.

There are some critical features that differentiate the most reliable devices from cheaper, less-effective models. And when it comes to your pet’s safety, you don’t want to neglect the most important details.

Here are 8 reasons why Nimble’s N5 Pet Temperature Monitor stands above the competition:

  1. The N5 Pet Temperature Monitor alerts you via SMS text message and email. It’s important to choose a device that will alert you in whatever format you choose while you’re away from your pet. With the Nimble device, you can receive a text message or email alert — or both — in the event that temperatures become warmer or cooler than the predetermined safe limits you’ve set on your monitor
  2. The N5 Pet Temperature Monitor doesn’t rely on Wi-Fi. Many of the devices available rely on Wi-Fi connectivity. But if you’re looking for a monitor that is versatile enough to use in your home and while traveling, you cannot afford to select a device that’s dependent upon a Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi can be spotty at best and completely non-existent at worst when traveling. This is particularly true in the remote destinations many RVers often choose to visit. The N5 relies on a cellular network, giving you peace of mind that your device will never go offline or put your pet’s safety at risk. With a reliable connection you never have to worry about missing an alert text or email.
  1. The N5 monitors both cold and hot temperatures. Many of the pet temperature monitors on the market measure only for cold or hot temperatures, but not both. Depending on where you live you may think about one over the other as a risk to your pet. It’s equally important though to keep your pet safe from both temperature extremes. Your pet can suffer hypothermia or hyperthermia from cold and hot temperature extremes, and temperatures inside your home or RV can rise or fall faster than you think in the case of a power failure. Be sure to choose a device that will keep your pet safe, no matter the conditions.
  2. The N5 offers an accompanying mobile application. While text and email alerts are sufficient to alert you when a problem arises, quality pet monitors, such as the N5, also provide an associated mobile app that allows you to monitor your pet in real-time and check his or her environmental temperature whenever you’d like. Our mobile app also allows you to monitor up to four devices at the same time with a single app and single login. This feature allows you to have monitors in multiple locations — your home and RV, for example. Each monitor can be named differently based on your pet’s name or location and you can even include each of your pet’s photos on the app.
  3. The N5 Pet Temperature Monitor features a reliable, long-lasting battery. The N5 has a long battery life, and is rechargeable, enabling the device to monitor and send data for several days before running out of battery. It also features a low battery alert so you know in plenty of time when the battery is running low. It also features an “on” battery alert to let you know if power is lost in your RV. With our monitor, you’ll never risk the battery in your device dying while you’re away.
  4. The N5 features GPS capability. GPS is a must when traveling to new or unfamiliar destinations. In conjunction with our mobile app, the GPS-enabled N5 allows you to quickly pinpoint the exact location of your RV.
  5. The N5 works across U.S. borders. You’re a great pet parent and you love to travel everywhere with your pet, so why select a monitor that limits your travel options? With the N5, you can confidently travel across all of North America. We guarantee reliable coverage in Canada and Mexico.
  6. We’ll never tie you into a contract. Unless you’ve reached a comfortable retirement, you probably don’t have the option of traveling year-round. So why should you be locked into a year long contract with your pet temperature monitor? With Nimble you can choose the service level that fits your budget and travel schedule. With the N5 Pet Temperature Monitor you can start and stop your service at any time, using our service only when you need to.

Nimble offers superior features for keeping your pet safe, whether on the road or while you’re away from home. If you’d like more information about the N5 Pet Temperature Monitor’s additional features or specific pricing information, contact us today.

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