Pet Killers During Spring

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Pet killers during Spring

After a frigid long winter, it is spring again!

It’s a wonderful time of the year with flowers blooming and birds chirping. It is the time that every fairy tale starts its narration with. On the contrary, as beautiful as the season is, many pet killers during spring roll all over our house.

While you enjoy the spring, here are things for spring pet safety:


Flowers are highly toxic for dogs. Especially those like Lilly can cause irritation and digestion problem. But if you are an anthophilous who has pets, you can look at flowers like African daisy, African violet, Alyssum, Bachelors buttons, Celosia etc.


While easter grass is a great home decor, it is advised that you as a pet parent be aware of your surroundings. Undigested grass might nausea, dehydration and ingestion.

Cleaning Chemicals:

Cleaning is a house old tradition in many families when spring starts. But don’t let the chemicals used for cleaning be a health hazard for your pet. Chemicals can cause serious allergies and even asthma in dogs.

Open Windows:

The windows which are locked all through the winter will now be opened. But you have make sure you seal them before you do this. Because open windows are not safe for pets. They might encourage your enthusiastic fellow, to look outside and sometimes jump. Exercise caution and make sure that you have taken the necessary measures to prevent this from happening.

Furthermore, open car windows are also not safe for pets. If you are a travel lover and going on a trip or even a short drive, keep your car windows closed. We know how much your furry baby enjoys the breeze but it actually hurts them. The debris, flies and dust will cause lung infection, ear and eye irritations. Always make sure your pet is properly belted in their seat.

Easter Eggs:

We can’t miss on the Easter Egg hunt! But you have be very careful before hiding the eggs. Chances are your furry babies could assume these plastic eggs to be new toys starting playing. The plastic in it can cause a serious issue to their health later.

Heat Strokes:

Monitor the environment temperatures of your furry babies to keep them safe. How can we miss our furry babies when going shopping with family. And, unfortunately, pets are not allowed in many malls and shopping areas. Having no other choice you lock them in the car, turn on the air conditioner and leave. Later, we at least take two to three hours to return. But do you know that your pet is in absolute danger?

The temperature in the parked cars always deadly for pet. The best thing is to leave them at home or monitor your furry babies in car using a pet monitor and get real time updates on mobile screen.

Having said that, we have an Easter offer right for you. Check out this link to get $20 off on our Pet Monitor . This Ester gift something life saving for your pets. And do not forget the pet killers during spring.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter!


RV PetSafety Team

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