Pet Killers During Spring [Updated 2019]

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It’s a great time of the year. A starter for everything after a long blue freezing winter. It’s now more colorful, the warmer weather and yellow tint around makes it more beauteous. If you’ve a green thumb, your flower gardens may burgeon. Bees and other insects buzzing among the flowers is a beautiful scene but all of it can spell trouble for the fur babies you care. But depending on the place you live, winter perils may still apply.

It’s not just in the beautiful garden or the bees that spreads the danger. It’s spring, so your pets will be ready to play more time outdoors under the sunlight. As a pet owner, being aware of the virulent plants and other substances can help you avoid potential dangers.

While you enjoy the spring, here are things for spring pet safety:

1) Flowers & Plants

No, don’t worry. Not all the plants and flowers are toxic to them. But some are noxious and pernicious. We all understand that many fruits and vegetables ripen in spring, but sadly not all are pet safe.

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According to the pet poison helpline, some of the highly toxic plants to our pets are,

  • Cyclamen
  • Azalea
  • Daffodils
  • Autumn Crocus
  • Tulips & Hyacinths ( mainly bulbs )
  • Dieffenbachia

These plants can cause digestion problems, breathing issues and other allergies. But if you’re an anthophilous who has pets, you can look at some of the toxic flowers,

  • African Daisy
  • African Violet
  • Alyssum
  • Celosia
  • Bachelors Buttons

Keep your pets away if you’ve any of these in your garden, or you shouldn’t plant any of these in your house or locality for the well-being of other dogs too.

2) No fertilizers and weed killers

Many popular mulches available in our market today is highly toxic to our pets. Some of them contains the same properties as that of a chocolate, but they can lead to serious health conditions and other medical issues if ingested. They’re not only harmful for your pets, for the environment too. Some of the poisoning signs are drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle tremors and even death.

You know, we’ve many Pet safe mulches and fertilizers available today if you search it on the Internet. Or you could also try planting flowers like Mexican Marigold, which naturally repels insects without harming any animals.

Please check with your vet or ask a professional in your locality if you’re unsure about the plants and fertilizers in your garden.

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3) Dog Decorations for Home

Decorating our house is a dream for all of us. Especially with a lot of flowers and other attractive items. As a pet parent, you must be aware of your surroundings. Undigested leaves, flowers and other plants can lead to nausea and dehydration.

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4) Beware of standing water
Spring showers are beautiful to see. It may bring flowers, plants and a lot of puddles everywhere which can be filled with bacteria and other micro-organisms that can harm your pets.
As the temperature increases, your pet may be tempted to drink more water. So these puddles in your walking route or locality may tempt your pet to drink from it which causes infections, indigestion and other health conditions.
So it’s best to keep your pets away from these tempting puddles and don’t forget to carry a water bottle wherever you go.

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5) Open windows

Now the time has arrived, to open all the windows after a long blue tiresome winter. But make sure you seal them before you do this, because open windows are not really good for your pets. They’ll look outside and see all the beautiful scenes outside. But sometimes other pets playing around can make them jump outside, they might encourage your enthusiastic fellow.
You know, open car windows are also not safe for pets. Keep it closed while travelling if you’re a travel lover and going for a short trip or even a short drive. We know how much your fur baby enjoys the breeze, but it actually hurts them. The dust particles in the air, flies, insects and much more can cause lung infection, ear and eye irritation. And don’t forget to check your baby is properly belted in their seat.
As a pet owner, make sure you’ve taken all the necessary measures to prevent this. Enjoy your time.

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6) Easter Eggs

Can you imagine missing the Easter egg hunt? But are you aware of the dangers and you have to be very careful before hiding the eggs. Chances are your fur babies could assume these plastic eggs to be new toys to roll over and play.

The plastic in it can cause numerous health adversities sooner or later. So it is advised to keep it away from their attention. Give them toys always to divert from the trajectory and immerse in joyous activities.

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7) Heat Strokes

Heat strokes are irritating, mood spoiling and harmful too. As a pet owner, you should’ve eyes all around to keep your fur baby safe. You should monitor the temperature inside your house, car, and outside as well to keep them happy as always and healthy. How can we miss our fur babies when we go for shopping with family?
As you know, pets aren’t allowed in most of the shopping malls and other shopping areas that is so unfortunate. Having no other choice you’ll lock them in your car, turn on the AC and leave. Coming back after two or three hours, do you know your pet is in outright danger? The temperature in a parked car is always deadly for pets.
It’s better to leave them at home. Or the best thing is monitor your fur baby in your car using a pet monitor and get real time updates on mobile screen.

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