National Pet Parents Day: How Are You Celebrating?

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Did you know that the last Sunday of April is National Pet Parents Day?


For all you pet parents out there who thought you didn’t get a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day equivalent when it comes to caring for your pet, this is your day!

Veterinary Pet Insurance identified the last Sunday in April as National Pet Parents Day back in 2007, in acknowledgment of a large number of Americans who view their pets as members of their family.

So, with the big day right around the corner, how are you going to celebrate being a parent to your furry family member?

We have a few ideas for you to make the most of this special Sunday.

Hit the dog park – Letting your four-legged friend run free at the dog park can be a great way to spend the day. After all, as a parent, you know that when they’re happy, you’re happy. Here is a list of dog parks from BarkPost.


Take a drive

Take a drive - RV PetSafety

Many pets, particularly dogs, love taking a ride in the car. Why not take a scenic drive to a not-too-distant location that both of you can enjoy? This can be a great way to spend the day.

Consider driving somewhere that the two of you can hit a park or trail for a while. And remember to monitor the temperature inside of your vehicle, especially if you will be making any stops along the way that require you to leave your pet in the car for any length of time. Get answers to all your temperature monitoring questions.


Know what Dogs love car rides as much as humans do.

Get a treat

Get a treat- RV PetSafety

As a pet parent, you’re probably already treating your dog or cat. Why not go somewhere that you both can enjoy a little something special? There are a few fast-food chains that offer pet-friendly treats, such as ice cream. If you ask for a Pup Cup at Dairy Queen, you’ll get a small serving of soft serve ice cream. And Good Times offers Paw Benders, which is a mix of frozen custard, peanut butter and mini milk bones. A number of boutique pet stores also offer dog and cat-friendly “cookies” that are so good you just may want to have one yourself.

Of course, as a responsible pet parent, you know you shouldn’t let your pet overdo it with ice cream or anything else that might upset his digestive system.

Get yourself a gift

Get yourself a gift- RV PetSafety

Sure your pet would buy you a gift if she could. But since she can’t, National Pet Parent Day is a great reason to pick up that fancy pooper scooper, self-cleaning litter box, a new leash, or maybe that grooming tool that will make your job as a pet parent a little easier. You deserve it!

Cook a special dinner

Special dinner - RV PetSafety

Besides buying you a gift, we’re sure your pet would make you a fancy dinner as a token of his appreciation too if he could. Since he can’t, why not treat both of you to a special dinner? Cook up some grilled chicken, fish, or a lean cut of beef that you can share (sparingly) with your pet.

Remember, sparingly is the key. The parent or not, you don’t want to spend your evening cleaning up after your pet because of an upset tummy.

Conduct your own photo shoot

Conduct your own photo shoot- RV PetSafety

Whether you take a drive or stay close to home, it can be fun to take a few selfies with your pet. Better yet, use your camera’s self-timer and set up a photo shoot for the entire family where you can get some photos of your furry and human kids all gathered together. Who knows, this photo may turn out to be exactly what you need for next year’s family Christmas card.

No matter how you choose to spend National Pet Parents Day, we know you’ll enjoy a special day dedicated to all the love and care you provide for your favorite furry family member!

No pets at home

No pets at home - RV PetSafety

You don’t have a pet at your home? That’s ok. You can take this opportunity to become a pet parent starting today. There are a lot of animals out there at shelters, rescues, pet clinics, streetside looking for their perfect dad or mom who can shower love on them for the rest of their lives. Go visit some nearby animal shelters or rescues and adopt one.


Happy pet parenting!

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