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Last minute dog ideas for Halloween!

Oct 14, 2019Shwetha ARead time < 2 min

Halloween is almost here. It is the best holiday for anybody who wants to take a break from their routine. Double the joy if you have a dog. Here are 9 kick ass ideas to dress up your pet this Halloween.


1. Simba is Classic

If your kid is someone who won’t hold on to a tiara or tie (like mine), Simba is your rescue god. Rooooaaarrr.

puppy american bully with mane

2. Vigilante

All dogs want to protect their owners, so why don’t you turn your dog into a vigilante. A mask and a red cape are all that it takes to change your cute dog to a vigilante.

3. Superman

“It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s a Superman, now that’s my Fido”. Get your little hero to fight for truth and justice the American way. Superman all the way. Get your dog the cape and the blue T-shirt.

Superman- PetSafety-Dog Monitor-RV PetSafety

4. Skeleton

This is probably the scariest thing to go with. You and your dog can go twinning as skeletons. Paint him/her using a non-toxic paint (check twice before you do) or buy a skeleton dog-top.

5. Seal

This is the cutest thing to do if you have a small breed. All that you need to do get the mermaid tail available online (or from a nearby store) and put it on your dog. I mean, who can ignore this cute seal.

6. Harry Potter

Get a scarf and cardboard glass. Poof, Here is your cute magical dog costume.

Harry Potter Dog Dress-Dog Monitor-RV Petsafety

7. Joker

A purple Tshirt and a green wig are all it takes to create an a-drrrroollll-able psychopath.

Dog Joker Dress-Dog Monitor-RV Petsafety

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8. Ghost

This is for last-minute planners like me. If you can’t get a costume, all you need to do is get a white cloth and put 3 holes in it. And here you have Casper, the friendly ghost.

Dog Ghost Dress- Dog Monitor-RV PetSafety

9. Mummy

I mean, are mummies allowed to look this cute? Get a bandage from the local store and wrap it around your dog (not too tight). Dog mummy is ready in 2 minutes.

Mummy dog dress-Dog monitor- RV PetSafety

What is your dog going as this Halloween? Share your pictures with us and win a Pet Monitor. Take part in the Halloween competition now!


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