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Summer is right around the corner. And it’s time for you to head outdoors and have fun. And as pet parents, we are sure you would love to take your furry babies along. You might be thinking of some adventures trips to hit the beach, valleys or mountains- or you might be eager to start an outdoor training or workout session with your dog – all those summer-only things!

But here is something we bet you didn’t give much attention to. Your dog’s safety! While sunny outdoors are great for having fun, we humans need to protect our bodies from the scorching sun – Be it increasing our fluid intake or carrying the sunscreen lotion with us, we need summer care tips. Same applies for our furry friends too. The most important yet neglected aspect of your pet’s safety during summer is heatstroke and dehydration. You need to protect your beloved dogs from these two important perils this summer.

Last year we witnessed some dog deaths which were widely reported. Recently in Omaha, Nebraska, a German Sheperd died inside a parked RV. Her owners left her inside their SUV at a restaurant with the air conditioning turned on while they were out for lunch. After 3 hours, the couple came back to their car only to discover their fur kid soaking wet in her kennel and unresponsive. Unfortunately, she was already passed away as a result of heat exhaustion despite all the efforts to provide first aids. It’s said that the car parked in full sun was also one of the reasons behind this misfortune. At the cost of a life, this incident strongly conveys that any cooling technology could possibly go wrong at times and cannot guarantee our pets’ safety without continuous monitoring.

We also guess that there are cases which were not reported. When we analyzed the statistics related to Dog deaths in summer, We found a common thread in all the cases reported. The dogs were either locked inside a parked car/RV or left unattended (in a home, mall, etc.) or even under a shade. Later these dogs were found to have suffered heatstroke and sadly some were found dead.

Heatstroke – Dogs get easily affected to because most of the American breeds cannot sustain in temperatures above 90. Know the maximum and minimum temperatures of your dog breed.

These could have been easily avoided had the pet owners followed a few simple safety pre-cautions.

We at RV PetSafety are passionate about Pet Safety and try to help reduce these incidents. We do provide a lot of helpful tips to keep your dog cool and safe during summer. These tips saved thousands of dogs’ lives and gave peace of mind to pet owners. The most important thing this summer for your pet safety is – Just monitoring the environment temperature of your pet – Yes! This simple thing can save their life!

And today’s technology helps you do this regardless of where you are and where your pet is. Be it a parked vehicle/RV, remote home or kennel, all you need is a remote pet temperature monitor installed by your dog, to keep an eye on your pet’s safety. To monitor the temperature, install the pet monitor device and monitor your pet’s environment temperature right on your mobile phone. That’s it -you can have peace of mind. The pet monitor alerts you by email/text message before the temperature becomes dangerous for your pets.

We have helped 1000s of pet owners to keep their pets safe with the world’s best pet monitor. Do not let your dog to the mercy of the scorching summer when u can easily keep him safe. Get one and save your dog’s life. You can see why RV PetSafety’s pet monitor stands above the competition in the market. Buy a Pet Monitor today and say hello to summer!

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