• 5-essentials-foro-rving-with-pets-RV PetSafety

    5 Essentials for RVing with dogs

    Sep 18, 2019 RV PetSafety

    1. Seat Belt    It is necessary that you use a seat belt or a carrier to hold your dogs while traveling. This will prevent your furry baby from getting injured.   2. Seat Cover   Seat covers will allow your baby to roam freely in the back seat of your car or RV Preventing…

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  • Pro-RVing-Tips-from-a-full-time-RVer-min

    Tips from a Pro RVer

    Sep 9, 2019 Lynn Smith

    When you live full time in an RV with six dogs and travel around the United States, you learn some tricks and tips along the way. Thankfully full-time RVer and dog lover Debbi Compel sat down with us to share some of her wisdom to help other dog owners enjoy their time in their rigs…

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  • 9-most- Dog friendly National park-RV PetSafety

    9 Most Dog-Friendly National Parks

    Sep 4, 2019 Taylor Ritz

    Author: Taylor Ritz It’s no secret that traveling with a dog can be a rewarding, yet challenging experience. When planning trips through national parks, for example, you are faced with the many rules and regulations regarding where your pet may and may not go. From strict pet policies to limit your dog’s access to developed areas…

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  • Campground Etiquettes That REALLY Matter-RV PetSafety

    Campground Etiquettes That REALLY Matter

    Jul 18, 2019 Lynn Smith

    As dog owners, our dogs are our best friends. They are our world, a part of us, which is why we want them to go everywhere with us, including in our RVs. Unfortunately, not everyone is a dog lover or even a dog liker. As a result, it is important to follow some basic dog…

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  • 9-Purrfect-Tips-for-Cat-friendly-Travel-RV-PetSafety

    9 Purrfect Tips for Cat-friendly Travel

    Jul 2, 2019 Shwetha A

    The most popular opinion among pet owners is that cats do not make “purrfect” travel companions. But the truth is, on the contrary. You just need to follow a few rules before you take your cats on a road trip. When it comes to traveling with cats, you must always treat your highness the right…

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  • Managing-a-Fearful-Dog-While-Camping-on-Independence-Day-CTA-RV-PetSafety

    Managing a Fearful Dog While Camping on Independence Day

    Jun 28, 2019 Lynn Smith

    The tradition of celebrating our nation’s independence with brilliant fireworks displays is as old as our nation itself. In fact, the first display of fireworks to celebrate Independence Day was July 4, 1777, on our very first anniversary of becoming a country! Unfortunately, our dogs are not as happy about this long tradition of fireworks…

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  • Is RV Sharing a Good Deal for Dog Owners?-RV PetSafety

    Is RV Sharing a Good Deal for Dog Owners?

    Jun 24, 2019 Lynn Smith

    As the sharing economy continues to flourish and expand into more areas, it seems that you can share almost anything these days. You can share rides, homes, bikes, office space, and even yachts and boats. So, it is no surprise that several options have popped up for RV sharing. And here at RV Pet Safety,…

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  • Indoor-fun-during-inclement-weather-RV-PetSafety

    Indoor Fun During Inclement Weather

    Jun 17, 2019 Lynn Smith

    If you own an RV or camper, you know that one of the joys of the RV lifestyle is that you can follow the weather, particularly if you are a full-time RVer. You can winter in Florida, summer in Maine, or travel anywhere you can find the perfect temperature to live your best life. This…

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  • 6 Tips for Pet-Friendly RVing in Summer-RV PetSafety

    6 Tips for Pet-Friendly RVing in Summer

    Jun 4, 2019 Samantha Randall

    It may not always be possible to take your pet on vacation with you but if you plan on going RVing then bringing your dogs along can not only be possible, but even more fun for all of you. Of course, traveling with a pet requires additional planning and preparation but you and your dogs…

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  • Your-Dog-Breed-Banned-RV-PetSafety

    Navigating Breed Specific Bans While Traveling with Your Dog

    May 24, 2019 Lynn Smith

    If you have a “pit bull” style dog, you are probably no stranger to the acronym BSL or Breed Specific Legislation.  Although advocates of bully breeds are working hard to reverse legislation banning certain dog breeds around the country and the American Veterinary Medical Association has stated that they do not believe in BSL as…

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