• Best-tempreature for different dog breeds-Dog monitor-Rv petSafety

    Best temperature for different dog breeds

    Oct 23, 2019 RV PetSafety

    Of all the pets we care for, we Americans love our dogs the most right? Having different breeds for different needs makes them the perfect pet. We have various breed groomed for different conditions each having their own features and history. Even though most of them get adapted to new living conditions, we need to…

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    Jul 23, 2019 Ilakkiya K

    When your dog is scared of fireworks or when he/she is in a bad state of anxiety, ADAPTIL is the product you should look for. ADAPTIL is designed to reduce a dog’s anxiety by using dog appeasing pheromones and it helps to calm your pet down significantly. What is an ADAPTIL? According to vet-medic.com, Adaptil…

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  • Pet Parents! Are you prepared enough_-RV PetSafety

    Pet Parents! Are you Prepared Enough?

    Jun 7, 2019 Ilakkiya K

    Emergencies can come in any form; from natural calamities to the house getting caught on fire and, preparation is always better than a cure. And oftentimes, we are prepared but are we prepared enough to save our scared pets when the disaster hits? On this “National Pet Preparedness Month” let’s look at some of the…

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  • Everything You Must Know About Dog Panting-RV PetSafety

    Everything You Must Know About Dog Panting

    Apr 17, 2019 Shwetha A

    If you have a dog, you might know that there is nothing much you can do about panting. All the dog’s pant, so if your little one does, there is absolutely nothing to worry about (unless that’s all that they do). Panting helps in circulating the air flow through the body. In humans, this happens…

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  • Know-your-dog-harness

    Know Your Dog’s Harness

    Mar 14, 2019 Shwetha A

    A dog’s harness tops over neck collars, prong collars, choke chains, shock collars and even flat collars. This is because it gives you a complete control over your dog while you go on walks. As a dog owner the common problem that you might face while taking your dog out is pulling. This generally happens…

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  • Does your dog have cold - RV PetSafety

    How to identify if your dog has a cold

    Mar 5, 2019 Ilakkiya K

    Dear pet-parent, do you know your dogs can get cold too? Many of us are aware of the common serious illness in dogs like kennel cough and giardia. But not all of us know about the common cold that our pets can catch. Cause Dog Cold Virus: Virus is one of the main factors for…

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  • 5-pet-safety-tips-for-this-valentines-day

    5 Pet Safety Tips for This Valentine’s Day

    Feb 5, 2019 Nimble

    Even during a busy work day, you might recall your pet’s face – all filled with love – Don’t you? Then who could be a better person to celebrate this Valentine’s day with. But Lets not forget the safety of our dog valentine. 5 Pet Safety tips for Valentine’s Day: Flowers: Roses and other flowers maybe great…

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  • 7 Valentine Gifts for Traveling Pet Parents-RV PetSafety

    7 Valentine Gifts for Traveling Pet Parents

    Feb 5, 2019 Shwetha A

    Choosing a perfect gift for your valentine can be a tedious task. Especially if you have been with your partner for a long time. Because by now, you would have gifted them every possible valentine cliche gift under the sky by now. This season, we at RV PetSafety bring to you 7 out of the…

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  • blog-pain-in-dog-min

    Do you know when your Fido is in pain?

    Sep 20, 2018 Shwetha A

    The International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management (IVAPM) has declared September as the Pain awareness month for pets. Dogs, like humans, feel pain too. When in pain humans lie down in silence, cry, roll and complain. But, that is not the case with dogs. It is tough to find out if the dog is in…

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  • what-to-do-if-you-see-a-pet-in-a-parked-car

    What to Do If You See a Pet in a Parked Car?

    May 30, 2018 Nimble

    Leaving pets locked in cars is never safe when the weather gets warmer, it can be deadly. High temperatures can cause irreparable organ damage and even death on pets. How to help a pet left in a hot car: Take down the car’s make, model and license plate number. If there are businesses nearby, notify…

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