Alert: Winter more lethal than Summer!

Dec 4, 2019Shwetha ARead time < 2 min
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It is alarming that the winter cold kills twice as many pets than summer in the United States. While there is enough awareness about heatstroke, most people take winter for granted. Winter induced Frostbite and Hypothermia is more fatal than heatstroke.


It might be fun to take your dog out in the snow. But, the cold is extremely dangerous for your fido. Most dogs can bear the temperature as long as it does not fall under 20 degrees. That said, all dogs are not the same. Some dogs can withstand up to 15 degrees while some will give up at 50 degrees. This depends on the breed, sex, size and fur.


To help you understand the general withstanding capacity of your dog, here is a small table that you can refer to.


The table  above is  just an indicative guide. The ability to withstand extreme temperatures  differs from dog to dog. Two dogs of the same breed can have different tolerance towards cold. To know the temperature that your dog can withstand, it is necessary that you spend time and examine your dog.


The Animal Welfare Act regulations has imposed a rule that housing facilities must have adequate controls to maintain the temperature within the standards (USDA, 2013). Losing a pet to the winter can create a permanent voidness in your life. Get a pet monitor and keep an eye on the environment temperature around your pet. Get peace of mind  and free yourself from stress this winter.


Purchase a pet temperature monitor at just $299 for a year.


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