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7 things that you must carry while RVing

May 31, 2018KrishnaRead time < 3 min

Packing is the most tedious thing to do while travelling. Double the trouble when you have to pack for your four legged pal as well. So, we at RV PetSafety have come up with a complete checklist of the things that you must carry while RVing. But here are some basic things to carry.

7 Important Things To Carry:

  1. Pet Leash:

Pet Leash

This is because you will have to take them for walks based on their schedule because daily exercise routine cannot be disturbed. Besides that, unleashed pet can get into lonely roadways, get staked, jump on something/ someone who is incapable to handle your pet, have higher chances of eating something harmful stuff around and so on. Therefore it is important to keep your pet leashed after they are our furry babies!

  1. Spill Proof Bowl:


It is mandatory that you dog drinks sufficient amount of water while travelling. Most of the time When pets drink water half they have the tendency to spill it around. That’s one major reason why you need to pack the spill proof water bowl, because the last thing that you’d want to do is wipping the spilled water when you are inside/outside your RV.

  1. Cooling Mats:


These are the must have mats for pets especially during summer.These cooling mats have a gel in it which maintains your pet’s body temperature and can be used as their bed while you are travelling.

  1. Furminator:


A Furminator grooms your pet by trimming the extra fur. This could be one in all grooming tool. Because, you cannot carry the whole grooming kit of your pet besides shampoo and moisturizer. Furthermore, this reduces your efforts in cleaning your RV!

  1. Pet Wipes:


Who don’t want their pet to be comfortable, healthy and smell good while travelling? Then you need get anti-bacterial wipes. These antibacterial wipes helps keep your pets clean when water supply is minimal.

  1. Food:


Pack sufficient amount of food and treats which are high in Protein and fiber. Because, protein helps to maintain/build the muscle. Provides the essential amino-acids which keeps the immune system strong. And high fiber in food relives constipation in pets, which the most seen problem while travelling. Additionally, high nutritious food can be consumed in smaller quantities.

  1. Pet Monitor:


We reserved the best for the last in the checklist. More than anything you want your pet to be safe, don’t you? Get a Pet Monitor and fix it in your RV and start monitoring the environment temperature of your furry baby. Because extreme hot or cold temperatures are dangerous for your pets.

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