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Are you doing these mistakes with your pets?

Nov 3, 2017KrishnaRead time < 3 min

If you worry about heatstroke in pets then you must worry about frostbite too. Pets need more care during winter because they have less resistance power during winter. You must remember some important things during winter.


Never overfeed your pet! As we stay indoors most of the time with the heater on along with pets, dog burns very fewer calories. It is very common that pets don’t feel hungry during winter because of the less outdoor activities. Follow your pet clues and feed them accordingly. Never force your pet to finish the food kept. Feed them at the same time always.

Never let your Pet eat snow:

Many pets love to play in snow and pets eat snow while they play. Be careful, don’t allow your pet to eat it because snow may contain chemicals and some hard substances which go into the stomach when pets eat it. This will cause stomach upset, diarrhea and sickness in dogs.  Any health issue which comes during winter take a very long time to heal.

Never take them close to Metals:

It might sound casual but it is the major cause of any electrical accidents happening during winter. Many times, the metals on the streets have the electrical wiring inside, when the metals are covered with snow there are chances to electrocute. Keep your pets away from any metals if you take your pet for an outing or a walk.

Long walks:

If you think the best exercise for a pet is ‘long walk’ in any season then you are wrong. Pets cannot come for long walks during winter. Instead, you can take for short walks. When you take out pets with sweater and shoes on but still your pet shiver, it is a sign to return back.

Anti Freezers: 

Anti freezers are used to de-ice outdoors. These chemicals are highly reactive with dogs. Sometimes we often use them at home. Leaving these anti freezers unclosed is a big risk for pets. Even a single drop of anti freezers can kill the pets.

Neglecting Paws:

How many of us take care of the Paws? All pet breeds get affected very easily by the frostbite during winter when they play in the snow. Therefore any pet’s paws should be cleaned properly after it plays in the snow. Know more on how to take care of the paws here.

Dog Fur Care:

During summers, panting helps a dog maintain the body temperature and in winter the fur supports to keep pets warm.  Grooming is highly important, but the focus is different. As in, the length of the fur should be kept and no long time bathing sessions.

Follow these basic rules during winter and keep them safe. To know how to keep your pet warm read here in detail.

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