5 Pet Safety Tips for This Valentine’s Day

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Even during a busy work day, you might recall your pet’s face – all filled with love – Don’t you? Then who could be a better person to celebrate this Valentine’s day with. But Lets not forget the safety of our dog valentine.

5 Pet Safety tips for Valentine’s Day:

  1. Flowers: Roses and other flowers maybe great symbols of love. But Keep your pets away from flowers. A leaf of the rose plant is more poisonous than the flower. Not just roses, any flower for that matter is dangerous. If you want to gift your pet, gift him one single toy. It is better than a bunch of flowers.
  2. Chocolates: Sweets are everywhere today; share it with your significant other, but not with pets. Chocolate, candy or even sugar free candies will sharply affect the insulin level of your pet. Xylitol, the enzyme in chocolates, is certainly good for humans but not safe for pets.
  3. Pet gifts: Have you decided on the gift for your Dog valentine? But don’t gift wrap it with the usual ribbons and other fancy packing. There is a chance; your pet can swallow it. Instead, surprise your four-legged friend with the rarest available treat as a gift on this Valentine’s day.
  4. Date with your pet: Date your pet – be it a candle light dinner, a walk in the park or your pet’s favourite place. Going on a date is to spend extra time with your dog valentine. If you planned a candle light dinner, your ought to be careful. Blow off the candles right after you are done. Or your pet may start a fire while searching for scrap on the table.
  1. Safety: Did you know it’s important to know the ‘environment temperature’ of our pets. Too high or low temperatures will harm your furry babies. Monitor your pet’s environment temperature- and ensure your loved ones are safe in your absence. This will give you great peace of mind.
    We hope these tips are helpful to keep your pets safe. Please do comment and share any other tips you know off to keep pet’s safe this Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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