5 Pet Friendly Destinations You Cannot Miss this Spring

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Top Pet friendly destinations for this Spring

What comes to your mind during last week of March? Sure, you take a deep long breath and say “Bye bye freezing cold temperatures and snow”. And, yes it’s Spring! This is not just a season change but also lifestyle change. Let’s get ready with our furry four-legged babies in RV and explore the best pet friendly destinations in the world.

5 Best Pet Friendly Destinations You Cannot Miss:

  1. Grand Canyon National Park: Solitude saves the day! Though north rim opens in the mid of may, south rim has many things to explore. This usually gathers lot of crowd once the summer starts. If you want to have a safe, cool and adventurous wild trip with your fido visit here before May!

Grand Canyon National Park Pet friendly destinations

  1. Redwood National Park: This national park is not just famous for the tallest trees but also for dozens of hiking trails, camping, drives and weather. The weather doesn’t fluctuate and has plenty of shade under trees for camping. Is this not sounds great for you because your pets can be safe in constant cool temperature? If you visit this place with your fido make sure you walk or have fun on Cal barrel road or Walker road. To ensure your pet’s safety, its mandatory to keep your pets not more than 6ft away from you.

Redwood National Park Pet friendly destinations

  1. Garden of the Gods RV Resort: If you and your fido want to have high end fun then you should visit this resort. They have a ‘bark park’ where your fido can have fun to the fullest with other pets under your supervision. Additionally, the places around this resort are pet friendly so it gives a chance to explore the RV destinations to visit in spring.

Garden of the Gods RV Resort Pet friendly destinations

  1. Ocala Sun RV Resort: The best known pet friendly resort in Florida. You can enjoy swimming, fishing, hiking, clear water beaches and many more with your fido here. This resort has a ‘fenced dog run area’ where pets can exercise or be trained.

Ocala Sun RV Resort Pet friendly destinations

  1. San Juan Islands: Doggie’s Island! If you want to make a date with your fido this can be the best. It has fountains, candle lite dinners, hundreds of accessories, wellness centers, etc for fidos. If you want to have spend quality time only with your four-legged furry babies this is the perfect destination during spring. And, don’t forget to visit ‘Pelindaba Lavander Farm’ famous for ‘Lavender Dog Biscuits’ and gift your fido.

San Juan Islands Pet friendly destinations


We hope you enjoyed reading about these Pet Friendly Destinations – Please drop us a note at support@rvpetsafety.com with your comments. Safe Travels.


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