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Pet Safety Tips

Winter Paw Care

By Anantha Chittilla December 14, 2017

Salt which is used as a deicer on the driveways roads and sidewalks can mutilate dog paws during..

7 Simple Winter Care Tips for Dog Owners

By Anantha Chittilla December 13, 2017

December, being the coldest, you feel so gloomy, stiff joints and have less apatite. Not just..

5 silly yet interesting facts about dogs you must know

By Anantha Chittilla November 30, 2017

How well you know about your little furry baby? We have 5 interesting facts about dogs, they..

An arthritic dog found in the mud, tied in the backyard, drenched in rain

By Anantha Chittilla November 30, 2017

A man was arrested in Middletown for leaving a 16 year old dog Sassy, arthritic dog in a raw,..

7 Foods Which Are Toxic to Pets During Thanksgiving

By Anantha Chittilla November 20, 2017

7 Foods which are toxic for dogs during Thanksgiving

7 Dog breeds which are best in Snowy places

By Anantha Chittilla November 13, 2017

Any pet needs a lot of care and attention during summers, but winters are very playful for some..